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GIF and Portfolio Update: 2/19/20

Here’s my GIF project submission for this week. Heads up, there are some spoilers ahead.

Whiplash (2014) – Directed by Damien Chazelle

This is from the final scene in Whiplash, including the final shot. I chose this because, firstly Whiplash is probably my favorite movie right now. But also, I think this scene is the perfect climax and high point the movie needed to end on.

Throughout the film, Andrew (played by Miles Teller) is constantly trying to prove himself to people. He’s proving himself to his parents, and showing that drumming is more than just a hobby for him; he’s proving himself to Fletcher (played by JK Simmons), that he has what it takes to be the next legendary jazz drummer; he’s proving to himself as well that he’s capable of beating the odds and pushing himself to his fullest ability.

This scene comes at the very end, after he’s already had Fletcher fired for his insanely strict and abusive teaching methods. Fletcher asks him to perform in this show, and Andrew agrees. However, Fletcher blindsides Andrew by revealing he knows that Andrew got him fired, just as the show is starting. He has the band play a piece that Andrew doesn’t know, attempting to embarrass him on stage.

Andrew has a few missteps, and tries to pick up, but struggles immensely. He almost gives up, and walks off stage. However, he comes back on and leads the band in “Caravan”, a piece he knows by heart. He begins without Fletcher’s instruction and takes charge, absolutely dominating the song.

By taking lead, Andrew shows Fletcher, his father (who’s in the audience), and even himself that he can be the greatest and will do anything to get there. The last look and nod they give to each other is that approval Andrew is seeking so desperately throughout the film, and shows his relief in knowing he’s made it.


I don’t have much for this week, but I am working on a bigger project.

I’m still trying to develop a story that’ll at least be told through twitter and audio segments. Not entirely sure on the whole narrative of it all, either (vague, I know) but between my classes and everything I just didn’t set aside enough time this week to get anything big rolling.

I also still need to re-work that audio badge – at least, maybe. If I can have the audio portion play into the “social media story” project, then I might not need to develop a new project. Maybe I can make something totally different?


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