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Student-Designed Proposal: Audio Narrative

This is a draft proposal for a new assignment – please give feedback in the comments or in class!

(15 pts, x1 max)

Description: For this assignment, you will create a short piece of narrative fiction based entirely in recorded audio and edited sound. This can either be objective, like a radio serial, or from a personal perspective, like a podcast. The clip should be 5-8 minutes long and have at least 2 distinct characters, utilizing sound and music overlay as well. The purpose of this exercise is to display an alternative form of narrative storytelling without a visual aid for telling said story.

Along with your audio narrative, you will post a screenshot of your editing timeline (audacity, audition, premiere, etc.), post a link to your script, and post a 150-250 word Author’s Statement as well to explain your process of writing this narrative and what steps you took to telling this story effectively.

Evaluation Criteria: ​

  • Does the narrative presented have at least 2 distinct characters?
  • Does it use sound effectively to tell the story?
    • It will be clear/undistorted and leveled evenly
    • It will be edited smoothly and coherently so there are no distracting elements and the focus remains on the narrative
  • Do the music and sound effects selections enhance the listener’s understanding of the presented narrative (as opposed to hinder it)?
  • Is your Author’s Statement clear and concise?
  • Does your Author’s Statement elaborate on the piece and provide context for its form?

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Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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  1. We gave you some feedback on this in class; if you’re not clear on the direction to take the next draft, reply here. 🙂


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