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Interactive Fiction

Author’s Statement:

“LEO – Low Earth Orbit” started as a concept by me, in which you awake on a space station unsure of what’s happened to you and where you’ll go. There are a few different routes you can take in the story, ending in different locations, some funny and some dramatic. I was helped in large part with further story development by Habib while I managed the story/passage coding.

To say this was a challenge is an understatement. I understand story development and pacing, but this was a completely new angle of developing it for me. Along with that, I have literally zero coding experience. So I probably spent a good chunk of time with this project just learning Twine, how to make passage-based stories, how to code at literally the most basic level.

Between a lot of googling and praying, I think we managed to put something together I’m very proud of. This feels like a massive project for me, and with me taking Digital Networked Narratives next spring, I can’t wait to see what type of stories I can develop. Even outside of classwork, this is something I could 100% see myself going further with. I really want to develop a full-fledged interactive story after this, and I really want to keep getting better at this.

I think my biggest challenges with it all was a mixture of 2 things. 1, as is the case with every class, time management. Starting out, I sorely underestimated how much time I would need to put into a story of the scale I imagined. 2, my coding limitations. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I knew how to code a game. I still would say I really don’t 100%. But between help from the professor and kind google strangers, and what I’ve taken away from this, I’m much more confident moving forward with this or any other project.

Is this a perfect story? Probably not.

Do I see it as a complete and done project? Nope.

(well, for the sake of class, yes, but for personal fulfillment, no)

Do I want to develop it further? Absolutely.

Did I have fun? Immensely.


Concept: You wake up on a space station, having been unconscious. Your goal is to explore the ship and find a way out before losing oxygen.

Throughout the story, you can find different items that will be used such as zip ties and room keys. You also have a variable oxygen meter that decreases in “health” with each new passage.

Story Map (text-based)

Characters and Backstory

Physical map drawing

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