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Independent Study 2021 – Where I’m Going (Podcast)

Below are 3 episodes of the podcast that I recorded for my senior project, as part of the Austin College Media Studies program.

This series, titled Where I’m Going, is 3 episodes of interview-style podcasting where I ask my guests about what point of life they’re at and what their plans for the future might look like. For the purposes of these 3 episodes, I wanted to explore specifically how that related to college and careers.

Altogether, this comes out to roughly 30-35 minutes of interview time. This is by far the longest project I’ve undertaken here at AC, at least editing wise, but I am very very happy with how these turned out.

Episode 1: Recently Graduated

Episode 2: Generational Differences

Episode 3: Interviewing Myself

Music used in these episodes:

Cosmos – Dontcry & Nokiaa

Meet You in the Park – Monma

Drops – glimlip x cocabana

Feathers – Kupla


Published by nchaviers

Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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