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All About Nick

The story of a boy and his overconsumption of media

I’ve heard from a very early age that sitting too close to the TV screen would rot my brain. While it is probably the reason I now wear glasses, various forms have media have left a major impact on my life. After all, I am pursuing a media studies degree here at Austin College.

I grew up in a highly digital age. I was particularly fond of cartoons, with the classics on Nickelodeon (unless it was Worldwide Day of Play), Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel. If there was a children’s cartoon that aired between 1997 and 2010, there’s a good chance I was glued to it. I was a huge gamer too, either playing Xbox with my brother or sneaking onto my parents’ office computer to play Runescape. However, I’ve actually become more fond of analog media as I’ve grown older. I play D&D with my friends, I have a huge vinyl and DVD collection, and I have a polaroid-esque film camera I take out from time to time.

I’m interested in this class because while I feel I’ve had more exposure to video production than the average person, I really want to explore other fields and methods of media production. Particularly, I’m excited for us to reach our lessons on podcasting and interactive media. With my goal of going into a career in the media field, familiarizing myself with various forms of media can open the door to many currently unknown opportunities.

3 influences of mine

Runescape (2001 Video Game) -While I did mention this earlier briefly, it’s most definitely worth expanding on. Runescape was an incredibly formative game for me and my gaming experience growing up. Runescape is an MMORPG; a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. This means that you can play with hundreds of people worldwide at any time. While I was never particularly great at it, I would spend summers immersed in this game. My brother and I would ride our bikes to the library in 100 degree weather, rent laptops, and play for hours on end (in the air-conditioning, of course). This game is very nostalgic for me, and I look back on it incredibly fondly. Links: wikipedia, old school runescape subreddit, runescape fan wiki

YouTube (2006 Website) – Although this one may be more broad than something like Halo 2, I think every person in the millennial/2000s generation has had YouTube as a highly influential and present form of media. If, somehow, you are unaware of what YouTube may be – YouTube is a video hosting site/community that was founded in 2006. Anyone can upload to this site, and videos ranging anywhere from 10 seconds to several hours can be shared with anyone in the world. Specifically, following content creators that made skits and short films influenced me to want to make my own short films. It’s a site that encourages creativity and community, and has the potential for global connectivity in communication and entertainment. Links: wikipedia, my favorite short film, my favorite webseries

No Strings Attached by *NSYNC (2000 Album) – Although this is a bit of a deep dive in my nostalgia chest, this is the very first album I owned. When I was in Kindergarten, I carried a massive “portable” CD player with me to school with dollar store quality headphones and would listen to Bye Bye Bye on repeat. I was a mega-fan to say the least, with my friends and I pretending to be our favorite members of the band (sorry Joey Fatone). In fact, I even had a watch that would play the song as an alarm. This dumb boyband got me hooked on not just fan culture, but on music in general. It was the soundtrack to my early childhood. Links: wikipedia, Bye Bye Bye music video, a commercial for the watch I had with what may be a ridiculous fake voice over

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