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Search Story – How To Fight a Bully

How To Fight a Bully

Before starting, yes, this is under the 90 second time limit.

I feel like this is a concise and tight enough story with the time length. However, if it must be over 90 seconds, then I’m open to suggestions on where to go from here.

In coming up with it, I definitely wanted to go the comedic route. The framing for this is a kid who’s tired of being pushed around, just wanting to see if there’s anything he can do to get out of bullying.

While making it, I actually had the idea to go the karate route after seeing the wikihow. Of course a kid can’t afford $40/hr, so he turns to youtube videos and searching up other ways to win. I did have the punchline (no pun intended) in mind from the start, though.

I definitely would like to make another search story after learning how to do this one. Maybe something more dramatic? It’ll take some thinking, for sure.


Published by nchaviers

Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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  1. Love it! This came together really nicely: the combination of music, framing, and timing in the edit elevate this to the next level. 🙂 Count it.


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