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Audio Interview

For my Audio project, I wanted to interview a friend of mine – Jack Lyon. We know each other through a fraternity here at Austin College, XTX. Jack is a full time student, but as both a hobby and a career he works for different companies (Netflix, Funimation, Crunchyroll to name a few) as a music and soundtrack producer. I felt this would make for an interesting subject and wanted to ask him a few questions: How he got started and interested in music, what that process is like, and where he sees himself going with it as a potential career.

Editing the Interview

Here is a photo of my Audacity timeline post-recording.

Here is Adobe Audition, where I recorded my introduction segment and did a small bit of noise/sound editing.

Here is the audio being edited in Adobe Premiere (un-orthodox, I know, but I find the cutting and layering to be super simple and I can export as an mp3 as well).

Author’s Note

While editing, I found the 8-minute limit to be a little tough to meet. While sorting through several 8+ minute interviews is certainly less than fun and time consuming, I really enjoyed all of the content I got out of the interview.

I plan on possibly editing a longer, ~15 minute version of it outside of this project, so stay posted on the soundcloud!

The constraint did force me to see what was necessary and what might not be, however, helping me tighten any spaces of dead air or repetition.

With this interview I wanted the approach to be more casual rather than me narrating separately, as I felt that would ease some nervous tension and allow Jack to give more genuine answers, which I believe I accomplished.

There’s more than one clip of music as well (as the assignment only called for one). The songs chosen, with the exception of the intro and outro, all either feature Jack on an instrument or were produced and written by him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project and hope this isn’t the last time I’ll be doing a podcast/interview!

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