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Final Project – Crenshaw County

Link to the game/ARG/terminal

Link to the design doc

So, to say the least, I didn’t get this developed nearly as far as I wanted to. I think I started on something big later than I should have and all of my classes caught up to me. Ideally, this would be a whole big ARG and I’d post things a bit more discreetly, but the end of the semester has come to pass, so getting anything I have turned in is necessary.

What did I learn? Well, for one, giving yourself hard deadlines is super important. This has made me really reconsider how I go about working on projects and pace myself. I really need to start assignments as they’re assigned and need to make sure I give each element of the project plenty of time to consider. Things I thought would just take a moment took way longer. Pace, pace, pace.

I’d also say that while this didn’t go as planned, I think it would’ve been really cool to flesh out. I, at least, think it was a neat story and concept, and that the semester as a whole has really given me hope in being able to develop something cool story-wise.

So, ultimately, yes, it’s incomplete. It’s not nearly how I wanted this post or this project to be. But, I would say I’m definitely taking a lot away from it and want to do better on the next one.


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Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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