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Fail Badge – My Procrastination

This isn’t so much a fail on anything specific as it is just carrying out projects as a whole.

As we arrive here the end of the semester, I’ve found myself in the same position I usually do with my media courses: on the last day of the semester, submitting whatever I can to the portfolio and crossing my fingers. Ideally, I would have paced myself to finish these projects like a week at a time (the class structure did help with this), but between my own motivation and the chaotic life-and-schedule changer that is this whole pandemic, I think I fell behind somewhere in each of my classes. I went from turning in work weekly to having to set my own schedule and work with the shifting ones of professors and assignments, going like 2 weeks at least without doing a single bit of work. Looking back, I probably could’ve gotten a lot done in that time – maybe writing this out for something else or maybe doing an extra critical review or two.

I think the end of the semester is where I get the most done, for better or for worse. While I do feel like I put out some of my better work in this self-imposed crunch time, I think I need to find the right balance of deadlines and personal time to just keep getting more projects out. I need to realize, even if I can’t go into my studio and edit something together, I can still write as much as I want from home. Especially with my independent study (keep an eye out here! no spoilers yet) coming up next semester, I’m going to really need to make sure I can stick to the deadlines I give myself.

Ideally, this is the last of my self imposed crunch times.


Published by nchaviers

Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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