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The Archives – Digital Story

For my digital story project, I wanted to make something that was a bit out there and a bit weird. This is the story of Bob, an employee worn out by his cubicle life, who’s asked to get something from the company’s archive room.

While this doesn’t really feature a consistent narration, there’s a clear narrative throughout of Bob (physically, through mild animation) moving throughout the office building. There’s a clear beginning (given the task), middle (journey to the archives), and the end (forgetting to close the doors in the end).

I’ve added some soundscapes and sound effects in the background. I feel like these help build the world around them and give the video a bit more life than static images with just voice would.

The images (characters, objects, and backgrounds) were all sourced from google, labelled for reuse. The sound effects are from The soundscapes were sourced from youtube, and I can add more crediting to the description if needed.


Published by nchaviers

Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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  1. Heyyyy Bob-o, bobby Bob-ert! Great video man. The tone of this is immaculate, as it juts between humorous and creepy. I feel like the best word I can describe it is “cursed”, but I would say it’s cursed in the best possible way. Everything from the deep fried, pixelated images of the office to the upbeat yet tone deaf friend character go towards sharpening this tone and pushing the presented joke to its fullest potential. For some reason, I’m reminded of potato knishes** (

    To make this feedback constructive, I would say you could definitely build off of this video if you wanted to! I’m sort of invested in bob’s job at his company now, so scratch that, you actually have to because I want to know what happens. I think the storytelling you’ve done might seem a bit more subtle, but works really well. Maybe a later installment could incorporate some of Bob’s internal monologue as he slogs through extraterrestrial corporate monotony? Awesome work Nick! đŸ™‚

    **Warning, potato knishes is extremely cursed. Please view at your own risk


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