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Project Proposal: Crenshaw County

What is the nature of the concept?

In August of 1993, a boy vanished in Crenshaw County overnight. Years later, you receive a mysterious note telling you that things might not be as they seem and begin your investigation into the case.

Note: This is not set in a real/existing Crenshaw County, though bits may be based on real cases/reports.

Who is the audience for the story?

Fans of sci/fi, suspense, and conspiracy-related stories, probably 13+. Might be a small amount of language in dialogue, but nothing too obscene.

What media do you have in mind?

There will be a police/doc terminal built in twine, with passages that are only revealed after finding key words. Twine will serve as more of a “database” rather than a game/novel. Pieces of the story will develop here.

I want to include one or two 5-10 minute podcast episodes about the incident, along with one news audio recording.

I also want to open it with a short search-story-esque video for framing and setting up the narrative. Like an introduction/trailer.

What existing resources will you draw upon to create it (i.e., are there specific texts – video, audio, images, or even stories) that will serve as part of your narrative or a significant reference for it’s form?

I want the police terminal to have a similar feel to Her Story, though I don’t want to get nearly as technical with a searchable database (though, if that’s not too difficult to implement, I could look into it.

For the introductory video, I’ll be using a combination of a google search screen capture and royalty free stock photos. Music and sound effects will either be royalty free as well or recorded by myself.


Published by nchaviers

Recently graduated from Austin College, Media Studies major.

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  1. This concept came together nicely: the way these multiple proscenia for the narrative – search story, podcasts/broadcasts, and interactive “database” ala Her Story – would integrate with one another feels quite organic in this proposal, which has me excited to see how the project develops overall.

    Now: get a design prospectus, as described in the assignment doc, together as soon as you possibly can and let’s get this thing going! 🙂


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